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Guizhou Gaofeng Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd., (“GAOFENG” as shortened), located in Guizhou province, China, is a special enterprise that offers the design, manufacture and service of oil field equipment.

“GAOFENG” has strict systems of scientific research and quality assurance. It has a research & development technology center, a modern product line and maintenance service for oilfield drilling tools, and facilities together with advanced techniques of physical and chemical analysis as well as ultrasonic flaw detection for materials. Moreover, it is one of the draughting companies of the industry standard, for eight types of down-hole tools.


About Gaofeng 

Ever since its establishment in 1971, “GAOFENG” has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of oilfield equipment. High levels of expertise have been attained in the fields of forging, heat treatment and mechanical processing. The company has more than 1,180 advanced manufacturing machines, which allows it to offer high quality oilfield products and services for Chinese domestic and international market.

   “GAOFENG” main products include: drilling jar, fishing jar, shock sub, fishing tools, stabilizer, roller reamer, drill collars, drill pipes, tool joints and service equipment for surface drilling tools.  “GAOFENG BRAND” products have been exported to America, South America, Saudi, Germany, Iran , Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Middle East, South Africa, Egypt and Columbia etc.

Technology,production and testing

Guizhou Gaofeng Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1971 and has been producing downhole tools for 41 years. We have domestic leading research and development ability in downhole tools, as well as industry-advanced level in forging, heat treatment, machining, physical and chemical testing, quality control abilities.

Since started, Gaifeng’s core competing ability is always considered to be technology. Right now we possess two R&D institutes, one in Guiyang city, the other one in Tianjin City. Our technicians include 36 engineers, 4 technical leaders, 7 senior engineers. Also, joint with College of Mechanical Engineering in Guizhou University, we have set up an provincial level R&D Center in 2013.

Currently we own more than 1000 sets of advanced machining and testing equipment, and we are able to manufacture more than 200 kinds and 1500 specifications of oil drilling tools, which include drilling tools, shock subs, fishing tools, workover tools, production tools, I-Bop tools, drilling accessories and test/maintenance equipments.

In heat treatment processing: we own a large heat treatment production line, large deep well furnace, car type heating furnace and multi-purpose furnace and laser-quenching machines.

In machining processing:
we own more than 580 sets of machining equipment, including numericalcontrol machine, deep drilling machine and laser hard facing machines.In quality test abilities: we own varieties of testing equipment, include direct-reading spectrometer, coordinate measuring machine, large projector, universal tool-measuring microscope, Computer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, Computer-controlled automatic low-temperature impact testing machine, NDT equipment, Single parameter measuring instruments, realizing quality control of entire processes from chemical composition reinspection for purchased raw materials, machining inspection, heat treatment mechanical properties testing, parts nondestructive flaw detection to final assembly test.