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  • How to Avoid the Coronavirus Variants.

    How to Avoid the Coronavirus Variants.

    How do you avoid the more-contagious version of the coronavirus? We spoke with some of the leading virus and infectious disease experts about what makes the new variant so worrisome and what we can do about it.  (from: The New York Times) 如何避免传染性更强的冠状病毒?我们与一些顶尖的病毒和传染病...
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    Model GGQH casing scraper is used to eliminate residual cement and clod on internal wall of casing, burr and scale generated during the rolling, bullet inset on casing wall when conducting sand prevention perforation, and iron rust, water scale and hard paraffin on production well casing, and oth...
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  • Halliburton has announced new casing corrosion detection tools to address well integrity issues

    Halliburton, a world class oilfield services company based in the us, has introduced new technology that allows operators to resolve well integrity issues and identify casing defects with greater accuracy. The new Pipe detection tool, called the Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer V (EPX V) service, can...
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  • Xi encourages new contributions by Daqing Oilfield

    Xi encourages new contributions by Daqing Oilfield

    President Xi Jinping called on Da­qing Oilfield staff on Thursday to keep pursuing reform and innovation and push forward high-quality development in building an oilfield that lasts 100 years.
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  • China’s natural gas market has great potential: Chinese executive

    The demand for natural gas in China is ramping up due to energy structure adjustment and environment protection policy, a senior executive of a leading Chinese energy company has said. Hou Qijun, vice president of China National Petroleum Cooperation, made the remarks during the Special Dialogue ...
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  • The Introduction of Shock Sub Drilling

    The Introduction of Shock Sub Drilling

    The shock sub drilling is developed to isolate the drill string from axial deflections created with the bit through drilling operations and then defend the bit from excessive put on through drilling operations. The tool will absorb shock load around the drill string and drill bit. It includes a h...
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  • Hydraulic cutters-the most prevailing tools on market

    As is known to all, the mechanical internal cutter is mainly used for the incision of the certain parts above the downhole stuck pipe, such as production technology string, drill column and so on. As well, if adopted in the timely cutting of bedding bag milling casing of casing construction, with...
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  • Outstanding Variations of Cordless Drills

    One of the most typical purpose of drills have been in metalworking, woodworking, developing and also the DIY tasks. You will find drills made especially for use in medicine, space exploration and even diamond mining. You’ll find large drills and tiny drills and also a practically infinites...
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  • World Oil Demand

    World Oil Demand Highlights (13 November 2015) *Please note that these Highlights are from the latest Oil Market Report, which is released in full to subscribers only – according to this schedule each month. Non subscribers get free access to the latest Highlights on this schedule, however ...
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  • Energy drill tools

    They are often operated by manually or by electric power. It is possible to also employ this machine as a screwdriver. You have to just fix a screwdriver tip to this machine to use it as a screwdriver. The drilling machines are available in diverse sorts based upon its need. The various forms of ...
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  • Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling

    Reverse circulation (RC) drilling uses a dual-walled drill pipe (rod) with a solid drill bit to produce a hole in a formation and delivers rock chips (cuttings) to the surface for a subsequent analysis. The drilling mechanism is a pneumatic reciprocating piston (hammer) driving a tungsten-steel d...
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  • Roller reamers

    Roller reamers are employed in boring operations for the oil & gas industry. The main function of roller reamers cut earth formations to enlarge the borehole to the desirable size during well drilling operation, which may be the original size of the drill bit in the case where the drill bit w...
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