हाम्रो वेबसाइट स्वागत छ!



कम्पनी प्रोफइल

Guizhou Gaofeng Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd., (“GAOFENG”), located in Guizhou province, China, is a special enterprise that offers the design, manufacture and service of oil field equipment.

“GAOFENG” has strict systems of scientific research and quality assurance. We have a R & D technology center, a modern product line and maintenance service for oilfield drilling tools, and facilities together with advanced techniques of physical and chemical analysis as well as ultrasonic flaw detection for materials.



कहिल्यै 1971 मा आफ्नो स्थापना पछि देखि, "GAOFENG" oilfield उपकरण को डिजाइन र निर्माण गर्न समर्पित गरिएको छ। विशेषज्ञता को उच्च स्तर फोर्जिंग, गर्मी उपचार र यांत्रिक प्रसंस्करण को क्षेत्रहरू हासिल गरिएको छ।

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